Celebrated Cases

Perry deMarco Represents Former Gang Member

Perry de Marco, Sr. was the lawyer for Thomas Martinez, a central figure in The Federal Prosecution of The Order, one of the most dangerous, gangs of the Twentieth Century. This famous case resulted in the publication of the book Brotherhood of Murder, by Thomas Martinez, with John Guinther.

Ex-Cop gets break in fencing case

Prosecutors angry at the "unwarranted break" Perry de Marco achieved for his client. An ex-cop was accused of being the "kingpin" in a $50,000 a month fencing operation, and de Marco successfully portrayed him as a latter-day Robin Hood.

Foster Dad Cleared of Rape Charges

After defense attorney Perry DeMarco argued that a teen-age girl had lied about being sexually molested by her 62-year-old foster father, a jury acquitted Clarence Funches of all charges this week. The girl told of three incidents at Funches' in 1999, when she was 15.