Celebrated Cases

Acquitted in Robbery

A Common Pleas jury acquitted a 27 year-old after defense attorney Perry deMarco argued that there was "reasonable doubt" his client was the knife-wielding thief who tried to rob a woman outside her home.

Irate Judge cannot believe verdict

An angry judge criticized a jury for finding a 16 year-old Not Guilty of Murder. The judge claimed there was no way you should have found this defendant not-guilty. Defense attorney Perry DeMarco was pleased with the verdict and noted that the defendant testified that the killing was in self-defense.

Murder Charges Dropped, Man Freed

The double-murder hearing was cancelled after defense attorney Perry deMarco asked charges be dropped when the "eyewitness" couldn't pick out the defendant in a lineup. Perry deMarco stated his client was the victim of mistaken identity in both the cases.