Philadelphia Man Acquitted of Gun Charges

Posted on 16 October 2008

Twenty-Three year old Tarik Jackson of South Philadelphia was charged with Firearms and Assault charges as a result of an incident which is alleged to have occurred on July 10, 2007 in the 1200 block of South Greylock Street in South Philadelphia. Police alleged that in the course of a neighbor dispute Jackson drew a .40 caliber Glock semi-automatic pistol loaded with 15 live rounds and threatened the neighbor with the gun.

When the police responded to the scene they entered the Jackson residence and claim that they found Jackson sitting on his back steps with the gun laying on the steps. During the trial before Judge Genece E. Brinkley and a Philadelphia Common Pleas Jury, Perry de Marco, Sr. extensively cross-examined both the neighbor and the police concerning the incident. He successfully argued that the neighbor's story as well as the Police version was totally unbelievable and that the case was drowning in reasonable doubt.

The Jury agreed and found Jackson Not Guilty of all charges.