Posted by Perry de Marco, Sr. on 27 October 2014

On August 7, 2014 members of the Pennsylvania State Police Drug Enforcement Division tracked a suspicious crate that appeared to have originated in Reno, Nevada and was being shipped to Bucks County Pennsylvania. On August 8, 2014 the State Police surveilled a pickup of the crate in Bucks County and followed the truck which was carrying it to a house in Philadelphia. Surveillance was continued both from police vehicles on the street as well as from a state police helicopter. The police watched while one suspect began to open the crate and unload the contents into the suspect house. Eventually the State Police announced their presence and arrested 6 individuals, one of whom, the lessee of the house, was represented by Perry de Marco, Sr. Esquire. A search of the house and of the crate revealed approximately 135 pounds of Marijuana. Some of which was still on the truck and some which had been off loaded into the basement of the house.

At a preliminary hearing in Philadelphia held on Monday, October 27, 2014 Perry de Marco, Sr. was successful in having all charges dismissed against his client. Mr. de Marco, successfully argued that there was no evidence connecting his client to the delivery of the Marijuana to the house, even though he was a lessee there. Nor was there any evidence proving that Mr. de Marco’s client knew, should have known, or agreed to the delivery. As a result thereof, the Municipal Court Judge dismissed all charges against Mr. de Marco’s client.