Sex Charges Dismissed on Verge of Trial

Posted by Perry de Marco, Sr. on 30 January 2015

The Defendant was originally charged with Indecent Assault, Corruption of Minors and Unlawful Contact with a Minor for an alleged incident back in 2008. He was not arrested in the case until 2012 when the minor first came forward with the allegations. We performed extensive investigation in our efforts to disprove the allegations and to support our client’s position that a sexual assault never occurred. In the interim however, we continued with our trial preparation and at the same time pressed for a reasonable resolution of the case. On the verge of trial we were successful in negotiating a plea to a single charge of Simple Assault with immediate parole. All of the sexual charges were completely dismissed. Furthermore, the client was spared from any and all Megan’s Law reporting requirements. Obviously this type of case not only has the potential to destroy a person’s future but more importantly his or her’s reputation. We have many years of experience in handling cases of this nature. If you are faced with a Sexual Assault charge, you should call us immediately. We can help.