What Would You Do If Your Son Was Charged With Rape?

Posted by Perry de Marco, Sr. on 28 February 2014

If you think that it could never happen, keep on reading. When most decent people hear the words rape or sexual assault they are justifiably horrified. It is true that rapes and sexual assaults are sexual in nature but in fact they are better described as crimes of violence against the victims involved. Tragically, in both television and in the movies, rape, sexual violence and every sort of sexual deviance is being glorified. Furthermore, young teenagers are having sex at an increasingly young age. YouTube has become the vehicle for teenagers to brazenly display their sexual exploits for the entire world to see. Unfortunately most people read about rape and sexual assault cases and quickly conclude that they will never have to worry about such an allegation effecting their lives. Sadly this is not true. Most people conceive of rape as a situation where a knife wielding assailant jumps out of the bushes and rapes a complete stranger. Frankly in our law office we do not see many of those cases. The cases that we most often deal with are those where the parties know each other either as students or boyfriend and girlfriend, commonly referred to as “date rape.” Most of the time, these defendants come from good families and have never been previously arrested. Usually the factual situation involves alcohol and or drug use. I am not making the slightest attempt to diminish the nightmare that the victims must endure in such cases but neither can we diminish the devastation caused to a father and mother, seeing their son in prison garb and handcuffs, especially in a case where the allegations my very well be false. Families who are confronted by such situations are understandably traumatized. They don’t where to turn or what to do. They many times turn to the family lawyer or to friends to find a lawyer. Unfortunately, these initial decisions are hastily made and can lead to devastation for the accused. An inexperienced lawyer has no business taking on cases such as these. One of the failings of our legal system is that unlike doctors, a lawyer is free to undertake any case he or she chooses regardless of his or her experience. Rape cases require careful and intricate preparation. They require extensive background and witness, investigation. Often it is necessary to retain doctors and chemists to perform scientific analysis, regarding DNA, blood and sperm. In short there is a tremendous amount of work that must be done in order to mount a solid defense. Last but not least, the lawyer must have vast experience in the courtroom. He must be respected by the Judge as well as by his opponent. I have been trying Rape and Sexual Assault cases for nearly 40 years. A quick view of the Celebrated Cases section on my website confirms this. In the last Rape case that I tried several months ago the District Attorney gave me one of the greatest compliments of my career. Mind you, this particular District Attorney specializes in Rape and Sexual Assault cases. She told me that she had never seen any lawyer so artfully cross-examine a rape victim. I hope that those of you who read this will never need my help but if you do please do not hesitate to contact The Law Offices of Perry de Marco, Sr. We are ready to help.